warp CS API documentation


Returns certificate data (TLS certificate/key-pair) for a given domain, created by a certificate setup at the Hosting Management Interface.

URL Parameters

Name Type Description Required Default value
domain string The domain name (also the name of the certificate setup). yes -
id number / string The ID of the certificate/key-pair as shown in the Hosting Management Interface (the local ID, which is the first ID shown). Instead of an ID, the string "active" may be passed to specify the currently active certificate/key-pair. yes -
type string The response format. May be "cert", "chain", "fullchain", or "key" to return the raw PEM-encoded data of the leaf certificate, certificate chain (ex. leaf certificate), full certificate chain, or key, respectively. If any other value is given, the response is a JSON object containing all data (see below). no json


This endpoint requires a domain key for authentication, which must be sent as the value in a x-domain-auth header or query parameter, or authorization: bearer header. This key is available in the Hosting Management Interface for a domain you host at warpcs.org: "Internet Resources" -> "Domains (ICANN)" -> [your domain name] -> "Manage" -> "Domain Key" -> "Show Domain Key".

Response Body

If the type query parameter is not one of the special values listed above, the response is a JSON object with the following entries:

Name Type Description
cert string The PEM-encoded certificate data.
chain string The PEM-encoded certificate chain data (excluding the leaf certificate).
key string The PEM-encoded private key data.


Rate Limit: 5 requests per 5s

API access must be enabled in the certificate setup settings under "Advanced settings" (note that this is independent of the API access setting of the domain).